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Oops, Did I do that~? by LunarWind

Oops, Did I do that~?



What's this?? Why does Ally look so different? The Change in FIGURE? What???

Alright, This has.. a bit of a story attached to it. Nothing to do with Lunar Wind, mind you... but one of the best April Fools jokes I ever pulled off... during 2014, no less!

(I am aware I am posting this way off the mark, listen, my energy hasn't agreed with me as of late! It's still April so SHUSH! )

As for what that joke was.. It's easy for people to pick you apart for an unoriginal FC. It's also easy for even someone so blatantly shameless about their unoriginal creation to feign insecurity over that and type up a long, extensive journal describing a drastic decision to change that character after "months of consideration"... and just as easy for their following to glaze the date posted due to (convincingly typed) dramatics!

At the time, I literally picked apart various details of Ally that I "thought needed to go" because people were.. struggling with them. what you call an honest lie, haha, because Ally's hair isn't the easiest to follow or translate to other styles.

I had given the design for the joke more symmetrical hair, and also made her "look her age" by giving her a huge hourglass figure (proportionate, and lightly poking at the trend of what was called "boobhogs" at the time), and then apologized profusely to my following at the time that I could only take baby steps for making her more original and that I was happy with my progress for the time being-- even if it'd take some "getting used to" on my part.

I also belted out a Full Reference. As well as put out a Poll for whether or not the "New" design was better.. And Roleplayed with it like it was canon with a few pals.

Everyone fell for it. Only a few were in on it but save those few, I'm not even kidding about that. It was Every single one of them that thought I changed Ally on purpose. It was fun haha.

This design is not the one from 2014, but a revisitation of it, I challenged myself to make the design a bit more believable to Ally and the styles she may wear, and dammit I needed to change her hair back to an asymmetrical look or else it would drive me BONKERS.

And yes, it was fun to revisit and YES I'm proud of it dammit XD I like it.. so much better than the initial version that everyone was fooled by!

Ally belongs to me

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