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Melissa by LunarWind




Seem Familiar? I've Posted Melissa here before!

I felt the need to change her last design for Personal Reasons, so it's gotten a bit of an upgrade!! Please disregard the other edgy one, as it is now outdated/non-canon!

Her Past/Pre-LW Design of course, is still canon, and can be found HERE:
Past Design

Here is her Character Summary, for recap!

Melissa is a hedgehog who had lived on another planet up until meeting Sonic and co., who she'd personally requested to help liberate her planet from the clutches of a local tyrant at the time after recognizing Sonic's own capabilities.

She is most known for carrying a headstrong attitude, often being unafraid to speak her mind, and as a result can be more assertive than that of her peers. That being said, though, her tendency to be blunt can come off harsh or otherwise make her seem rather rude. Both Picky and Prickly, it's usually best not to provoke her.

Since having become estranged to her heroes' circle, however, Melissa's tone has gone from snappy to something much more moody-- wanting nothing more but to keep to herself and pick up her pieces of her own volition. While most of her former aspects are mostly kept in-check by herself, she still has a bitter, sharp tongue on her...

...This shift in character is of course a concern for her former peers, and they wonder much how they can reach out to her, if at all.

As stated prior, the second space adventure noted of in the first paragraph is a separate space-faring adventure from that of the Metarex Saga, and happened 3 years before Lunar Wind (Present)!

Barely Anyone's even seen Melissa in the recent two years, but maybe she'll swing around again... yeah?

Melissa belongs to me

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