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CROWDED [Seilo] by LunarWind




Oh no..?? A parody??? Featuring Seilo of all people?!?

Who knew,, right?

Turns out, Ally isn't the only character that I Multiship to begin with (again, separated by Branching Futures), so I couldn't resist revisiting this silly doodle of all things to sort of introduce this fact! It also wound up a bit more polished, though, since I was drawing it for Seilo's Own Birthday (November 14th), hahahahasgdhjshdkfj

On that note, though //ahem

Asides from Seilo, the characters are as follows:

Future 1 - Dusque (Grey, Lefthand Side)
Future 2 - Clarice (Brown, Righthand Side)
Future 4 - Galaxena (Sky Blue, Lower Left)
Future 5 - Ally (Dark Blue, Lower Right)
Soulo - Soul (Gold-Yellow, Top -- I mean listen, this future was named after them so)

Seilo Flies Solo (and, not Soulo) in the remaining Futures. He's not shipped with a whole lotta characters to begin with, ahaha~ X'D

Soulo, as a Future, is actually an Alternate Reality rather than a Future stemming from their Main Zone. This is because of the fact Soul himself happens to be born a Lunarien rather than a Regular Mobian. It is Lovingly Counted Amongst the Future Branches regardless of this fact.

And, since listing by future can be confusing for Crowded Pieces like these, character credits will again be going in clockwise order (starting from Soul, again! )

Soul belongs to Zorek
Clarice belongs to "Popcorn"
Seilo, Ally, & Dusque belong to me
Galaxena belongs to Brooke

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