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Spark by LunarWind




Last of the Cast for now! Trust me, if I'd pushed for introducing everyone at once, I'd overwhelm everyone-- and That'd be No Good! I have way too many characters that exist within Lunar Wind's Continuity, so I have to take this sort of thing one step at a time!

Look familiar? Kind of? Maybe? No? Well, she should.

This is Ally's Anti Counterpart, Spark!

She's incredibly bitter and aggressive, and has a VERY short fuse- though some would argue that some traits of hers can be lined up with Ally's as well (such as being incredibly stubborn), which she will outright deny!

Some of her powers are also similar, at least the mind-based ones. She however lacks Aerokinesis, so it's up in the air as to whether or not something else is in its stead or not...

Spark is mainly found wandering Moebius' version of Castle Acorn, or taking part in Raids- mainly in favor of Scourge. Unlike the Supression Squad, however, this is something she does willingly. She follows his orders to the letter, and won't rest until she MAKES him her own. Everyone else can "piss off", as far as she's concerned!

Spark herself is a Lunarien (as she's a counterpart and all), though on Moebius, something seems kind of off about them. Their abilities and biology seem the same.... for the most part-- but their Power Aura Colors seem "swapped" almost hap-hazardly, and don't always match their eyes (hers in particular is green)! Perhaps it has something to do with how different that world is....

She also has had to deal with a curse in the past as well, though the designs of those past versions of her have yet to be seen in any capacity on here. Really makes you wonder, you know?

Spark belongs to me

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