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~First Meeting~ by LunarWind

~First Meeting~



Drawn for Sonic's Birthday some years ago, believe it or not, as it's something of Ally's childhood that represents what Sonic has been for me through life-- so it has a very personal meaning for me!

This is a depiction of the two having met one another for the very first time (ages 6 and 8, respectively).

Windstar had what was a very rough start during her childhood, and was found off to herself alone in a field. Crying.

Sonic, not being one to turn away from the tears of others, finds her and- true to form- the hedgehog offers to figure out what is wrong and help her.

It turns out, this small raccoon didn't have any friends, so our hero kindly extends a hand in friendship and becomes her first-- also going out of his way to introduce Windstar to his own friends, as well!

Thus began a series of Adventures Together.. with the two especially having been close, since~ <3

The way in which these two meet and interact with one another is something I very much hold close to my heart, as I really, truly owe Sonic so much as a character-- for always being my light in the dark, and also the very character that led to meeting the friends and connections that I have now that have kept me going for so long. I don't know where I would be if it weren't for coming across someone so inspirational, and I always strive to improve as a person and keep my head forward to the Next Adventure!

So yes, this was my way of saying Thank You... For Everything~ 💙

Windstar belongs to me
Sonic belongs to SEGA

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