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Meat Bun Festival by LunarWind

Meat Bun Festival



Back on Track again with yet another old piece, this time one featuring Ally and a few friends of hers (namely Karono and Seilo) attending a festival located in Chun-Nan! And look, they've sighted the Gaia Phoenix as well~

Sonic Unleashed is one of my most favorite games in the entire franchise, so I was more than happy to go out of my way and illustrate this scene-- and I like to think I learned from this as well, too! This was the very first ambitious piece of mine that I had gone out of my way for in Paint Tool SAI, which was still a very new program to me at the time. 

I remember also sitting there and pausing and replaying numerous gameplay videos just to do the littler details justice along the way, haha!

..Listen, I'm kind of a sucker for that kind of thing, I can't pass that up!

There was a prompt behind this too, though, which was the hobby (or, hobbies) my main character had. I decided I'd be bold enough to combine three of those-- Hanging with Friends, Traveling, and Eating! A Festival covers all three of those, so I chose that as my approach to this~

Of course, there's lots of ways in which I could have improved this piece, but it still holds very well for it's time and I'm happy to be able to share it here!! You'll definitely see more Sonic Unleashed scattered throughout LW here and there, so I hope this serves as a good taste as to what to expect from the continuity itself~

Yilin, Hualin, Chun, Lin, Wang, Jinlin, Shuifon and Zonshen belong to SEGA
Karono, Ally, and Seilo belong to me

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