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Ally the Hedgehog Reference by LunarWind

Ally the Hedgehog Reference




Posting new to any Artsite sure is nerve-wracking! How do you cool kids manage to post so much in one sitting??

Anyway, I suppose a good place to start is the reference for my Main Sonic FC, Ally (my SonicSona, if you will! ), since you may see her a LOT in my works!

Boy, I sure hope you have tolerance for Sonic Look-A-Likes 😂 Bc if you're on this ride you're gonna have to get used to her!! 

Ironically, her design wasn't always like this! Her previous designs were almost all different from this, and each have involvement in her life on a canonical note (much in thanks to a curse she had to figure out throughout childhood, which may take some time to unpack), and happen to be the following...

ALLY'S PAST ITERATIONS: (links pending!! stay tuned)
Windstar the Raccoon (ages 0 - 7)
Windstar the Hedgehog (age 7)
Windstar the ??? (ages 7 - 11)
Ryumo the Hedgehog (age 11, very brief)
Curse Conclusion (for those of you reading descriptions)

One Special thing of note is that Ally does not actually need Chip's Collar Until After the Events of Unleashed (aged 13 onward). Ally, as of the events of Lunar Wind (To-Be Comic), is 15-- and is any age from 18-20 by the time any Future Branches begin to take place!

If I hadn't kept spinning my wheels on LW itself, she'd have been my age by now, being a sona and all. Oh well.

...As for her Bio, that can be found here:


Ally/Windstar belongs to me

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