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Gave my comic a Tumblr Blog!

on 24 March 2013 at 08:37:33 MDT

Intergalactic Pranksters has its very own blog now!

It’s not really an ask blog or an RP blog, it’s just a blog that keeps all my comic stuff together. Like drawings I do for it, the comic pages, etc. I’m not sure where I want to host my comic still, I’ll just post the pages on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and Weasyl (also on Tumblr, but through DeviantArt’s sharing capabilities). You can ask me questions about the comic that might relate to the characters or how I draw, just simple stuff. I'm sorry to say, but the comic may take long times to update as of now, it's in a "prototype" phase and the story itself is still incomplete. Although, in two years (hopefully less if I'm lucky) the comic will be expected to have a hosting website and I'll try updating weekly!

Although during the in-between, I'll be drawing more stuff for it and being sure to keep informed of what progress the story has made. I won't give any spoilers, because where would the fun be anymore ;P

I'm sorry if you're an impatient person and hate to hear it would take two years to develop this comic, but I promise I am doing what I can. I still have school to do, and I'm still finding my way around how I am going to do things. All this is preparing so I can do my best to come up with the best results I can produce! :D[/b]

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    hiiiiiiiiiiii :3

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    Thank you very much for following me. c:

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      No problem, I really am liking your art, it's so neat and clean~ ;u;

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        Yeee thank you! c: c: I hope you enjoy my future uploads!

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          Well I will surely be looking forward to seeing more of your art. :D

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    Welcome to Weasyl! :) As you'll see on my own page, this is probably the best site between Weasyl, FA, and dA for music! ;)