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Bonds From The Fallen (My first full song) by LunaMoon

Bonds From The Fallen (My first full song)

Bonds From The Fallen (My first full song)


This was my first original song to be finished, my other songs before this one weren't from/of/for original sourcers and had 1 minute or less. I'm very proud of this song until nowadays. I think the mixing is ok, I can hear everything, even though I knew almost nothing about this.

As a whole, this song represents well my style of music nowadays. I like to make electronic songs and metal songs and this one has both, and I ever wanted to make songs like this. Also this song was going to be an album but I didn't did it because I started to make my Failure album, so I cancelled the idea of making an electronic album, but I'll make one after I'm done with the Failure.

This also has a metal part in which I used FL Slayer to make, although this guitar sounds horrible I think it actually fits with the song, if I used any other guitar that day I think it would sound a bit off, don't know...

I can't make a remake of this song because I don't have the project of it anymore, I lost it :( I did this on an older PC and I don't have it anymore and don't know if I saved the project on some pen drive or not but yeaaah... This song is available on stores including Spotify and Youtube, so you can listen to it there too... not that this song is good but ok xD

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    I think it’s amazing that you have so much creative talent. I imagine creating music takes a whole lot more effort than even writing and drawing—knowing music and arranging notes to sound like “something” besides noise takes great skill! :)

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      Thank you!! This song was very important for me to continue making music, it was something that, back then, I really got myself into and put effort in it and in the end I was really proud, the songs I did before this one sounds lifeless and they have no vibe at all...

      About doing music I think It's very similar to drawing, same difficulty in questions that you have to be
      very creative and take inspiration on something, otherwise you'll not finish it... You can also have your own art style in music too, but yeah, you gotta know how to make the notes good, you can make some notes and find it good at first but then you'll listen to it tomorrow and find it very bad, so you need to make something that time will pass and you'll still like it.

      Just for curiosity, I usually take 2-5 hours to make a song, be an electronic or a metal one, so It's the same time I take for drawing and writing my stories. I pretend to make vocal songs too but I really don't know how to sing so it might take time hehege xd

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        You're most welcome! :D

        It's like any creative thing--when you get in the mood and the swing of it, you can do it well (and sometimes faster). I know, that musically, I have no ear for it--even trying to make a tune for my Animal Crossing town theme. It never sounds good! XD

        So, I think people who do music have something "extra". It's special. :)

        But you definitely want to make music YOU want to listen to over-and-over..........and hope that other people do, too! :D

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          Indeed, I listen to music everyday for hours and I definitely can hear better what's going on on the song, I'm still learning it though but it's something I noticed, so the more you listen to music and make your own, it get to a time where you can hear everything in the song, even the quiet details they put in the background and recognize the notes, at least more easily.

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            That's like my favorite thing--I love instruments more than vocals and how music SOUNDS. I listen to a lot of Japanese stuff (like anime and live-action series theme songs, video game stuff, etc.) as well as American stuff (though I usually only listen to stuff pre-year 2000) and some friends ask how I can listen to something when I probably don't know all the words/meanings and I'm like.......really, I like how it sounds. The words aren't as important for me to hear as the music is. I like when I can hear different (and sometimes unique!) instruments in songs. And "energy", too--and that can count for things with Japanese singer Hironobu Kageyama has a LOT of energetic songs and he's been doing theme songs for years (he's most well-known for almost all the vocal music of "Dragonball Z", but he's done hundreds of other theme music for anime, live-action and video games). He has a few ballads, but he sings a lot of energetic and "loud" songs--he has a voice that I recognize, too. :)

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              I like to know the song lyrics, my favorite song nowadays is because its lyrics that got me emotionally. I don't listen much to anime songs, I actually prefer the covers hehege, I prefer European songs and stuff than American's, my country sucks with music lyrics, so yeah...

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                I don’t listen to a lot of modern music, so if it came out after the year 2000, I probably don’t know it. Mostly—if it’s not anime or video game music, I listen to popular and rock music from the 60’s to the 90’s, I grew up in the 1980’s, so that’s the music I’m most familiar with. :)

                I listen to instrumental music (like movie soundtracks or video game songs) when I’m drawing, because it usually makes good background music without being too distracting while working. :)