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An aspiring artist looking to get my name out there in the world. My prices are good for the quality of art I post. C: So please commission me if you can. C: All the money helps~!



Latest Journal

Black Friday Deals - 3 Commission slots open

on 25 November 2015 at 15:00:55 MST

So I'll be accepting 3 commissions at Black Friday deals. they're first come, first serve.

  • Deal A: One single full body image fully shaded - 30% Off original price - $30 value compare to $45

  • Deal B: One two character image with background fully shaded - 40% off original price - $54 value compare to $90

  • Deal C: One three character image featuring any two of my characters with your character in a NSFW situation fully shaded with background - 30% off original price - $84 value compare to $120

If you want any of these, message me for what one you want as well as details. Payment will be expected when initial sketches are accepted.

Deals end Decemver 1st, 2015

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Add Ons

add  Animals (non anthro)
$ 20.00
add  Backgrounds
$ 25.00
add  Image Variation (nsfw, sfw, other outfits)
$ 20.00
add  Large wings
$ 20.00
add  Other Characters/People
$ 30.00

Digital Colored

$ 50.00
Full Body
$ 80.00
$ 70.00

Digital Inks

$ 20.00
Full Body
$ 45.00
$ 30.00

Line-less artwork (Digital Painting)

$ 80.00
Full Body
$ 150.00
$ 90.00

Reference Sheet

Front and Back with Colors
$ 60.00
add  Accessories (jewlery, collars, etc)
$ 10.00
add  Facial expression(s) - Charged Per Each Expression
$ 10.00
add  Genitalia
$ 15.00
add  Other angles - Charged Per Each
$ 20.00
add  Other body part close ups (feet, mouth, eyes, ears, wings) - Charged Per Each One
$ 5.00
add  Outfit(s) - Charged Per Each Outfit
$ 15.00
  • Payments are accepted through Paypal
  • Payment is Expected before art is started
  • All prices are in American. Refer to this link if needed.
  • Images will be posted here and on my weasyl account
  • There will be NO refunds unless I am the one canceling your commission.
  • All commissions are for personal use only, not commercial purposes. You have the rights to your character but the rights to the image still belongs to me. I did the work, I get the credit.
  • If I see artwork being stolen, edited, or used in such ways by anyone else without my permission, I will follow legal action and have you prosecuted for art theft.
  • I want the commission to be of the best quality I can produce, so please be patient with the time it takes. Average commission time should take anywhere from a few days, to a month at most depending on the amount of time I have.
  • Please provide reference images/links when you order. Lots of references make me happy. c:
  • I will not submit the finished piece until I've received full payment, NO EXCEPTIONS for ANYONE.
  • Also, do not try and bribe me to get a higher priority. It's first come first serve.


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    Thanks kindly for the follow and character faves! :)

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    Thanks for the fallowig and fave, hope to have a chance to do a trade w/you in the future

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      Any time. I'm open to doing trades now if you're interested. C: Just send me a message about the details and contents of said trade. C:

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    Thank you for following me! :D

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    ty so much for the follow nwn