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Summer Fun 24 by LuluAmore

Summer Fun 24


12 April 2021 at 20:57:57 MDT

And here's one I've done because I've been meaning to do some sort of fanart of Catty for yonks cause I absolutely love her design.
Anywho, finally did a something, Catty and her man Red, the most adorable of couples.

Catty and Red both belong to Incueye on various things, (Go follow her, she's absolutely lovely and does the most adorable arts of her characters, somewhat NSFW warning)

These style commissions are currently available, you can order one for $25USD.

What ye get:
3/4 Body, lineless, digital artwork playing in the water.
You can pick the activity if you like, otherwise I'll free form it.
Can email image once completed.
Edits not included.
Should be done within 48hrs or so of payment depending the weekday.

Requirements are:
Character Ref
Ref of the beach themed clothing they'll be wearing.

Can do most characters and character complexities.
Catty and Red both belong to Incueye.