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Pegasus Ref by LuluAmore

Pegasus Ref


8 April 2021 at 21:22:40 MDT

Seeing too many 'will draw your character' and realising that I wouldn't mind some things of Pegasus, but none of his pictures show off all the important bits very well.. You can either see the wings fully or his face, not both.

Soo.. Ref sheet!

Pegasus is a lovely young man of a horse who is in the same modeling industry as Lulu. He has and continues to be an ass to her because he's been doing it longer than her and that's just the kind of guy he is.
He is also utterly and completely a show pony and loves being done up and dressing in any and all fashionable styles. He loooves his job. He gets to meet all the coolest people, go to the coolest parties and absolutely has no interest in anyone without money or has a show of money.
Yes, he is a shallow, vain, narcissist. What model pretty bois aren't?
Pegasus is his modeling/stage name for fairly obvious reasons.

By gosh do I absolutely destest doing refsheets.. with a passion. But this was actually fun.
Same lineless style as the commissions I've been doing made it considerably less of a pain than I've found in the past.
Still 6-7hrs to get it how I wanted, but I think it's got all the essentials another artist would need minus clothes. But I can always look that up for variety.

Anywho, I have been told this turned out rather nice and I should offer them as well.
So if for some reason someone likes this style of refsheet and wants to try convincing me to do their character, they START at $120USD for the 3 (or 4, if you need both sides cause different pattern on both sides) body poses + features that need pointing out (how many/what would change the price). Complex characters will probably add more, depending what the complexities are.