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Sorry for startling you by Luke Micro

Sorry for startling you

Luke Micro

26 May 2015 at 22:04:42 MDT

Well, one day out on the beach a young dragoness by the name of Alyssa was enjoying the sun. That was until she was swallowed by large looming shadows. It was not a predator, it was nothing with malefic intent. She had just run across Maaya and Chandra. These two giantesses also enjoying the beach though with no warning it appears that it has left the much much smaller dragoness a bit dumbstruck and left as a deer in the headlights. Fear not small Alyssa though!! Maaya and Chandra mean no harm :)

Art done by Speeds
Dragoness Alyssa belongs to Speeds
Chandra & Maaya belong to LukeMicro LukeMicro