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Thistle Hall


31 March 2015 at 20:34:50 MDT

I thank Sleyf for letting me use her 'fireflies in the orb' idea that she used in another Welkin Weasels art piece.

The stoat Lord Haukin (left) and his weasel servant Culver (using an orb filled with fireflies to illuminate the room), search through a collection of books in Thistle Hall to find the clues they need to help Sylver, and his band of outlaw weasels on their journey to the Yellow Mountains.

The legs of the table in the drawing are said to have been sawn down to twenty centimeters. Also that it was covered with dozens of man-sized books that Lord Haukin would often spend his time reading.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the books: Welkin Weasels is a series of novels by British author Garry Kilworth.

As the story goes - after the humans mysteriously disappeared from the isle of Welkin; both wild, and once domesticated animals made their way into the abandoned castles and villages; using what the humans had left behind. The mustelids in particular however, adapted to a more civilized way of living. The stoats were the most ambitious and aggressive of them and took over the island -- most weasels ending up as serfs; while using ferrets in the royal army of the childish and spoiled ruler of all Welkin, Prince Poynt.

Lord Haukin is a kind, but forgetful old stoat who lives in a manor house once occupied by humans called Thistle Hall. He loves knowledge, and prides himself on being one of few animals who are literate; and is often found reading books left by man. He doesn't care for the system of how weasels are treated, and tries to help them whenever he can. Course, being lord of Country Elleswhere and not ruler of all the land, he can only do so much. Needless to say, Culver has it pretty good with Haukin. He takes pride in his duties; and (even though he gets on his nerves at times with his bad memory) is protective of the old stoat.

A dear moment from this trilogy:

"Our memorial services are big parties. It's difficult for you, isn't it?"
said Haukin, shaking is head sadly. "But I suppose I'm old-fashioned."
thought Culver, "you're simply a stoat."

Welkin Weasels © Garry Douglas Kilworth.

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