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Commissions Pricelist 2020 by LudoCrow

Commissions Pricelist 2020


3 March 2020 at 10:47:54 MST

My new commissions pricelist for 2020! As usual, if you are interested in a commission from me, please send an email at as that's my favored means of contacts!

As for the new pricelist, primary changes from the older list is the addition of options for portrait/waist-up/full-body illustrations. Similar, though not neccessarily as "new", is the addition of pricing for simple/neutral poses vs complex/dynamic poses. These used to be amongst "extras" in the past, but as i've discovered it is something I often fell upon whilst working TF illustrations, but didn't properly narrow down at the time, I felt it might be useful to more directly state this difference.

As to the difference between simple/neutral poses and complex/dynamic poses, an example of "simple" pose would be a simple illustration of a werewolf standing upright and howling serenely at the moon in the aftermath of their changes. Something that would be closer to "dynamic/complex" pricing would be that same werewolf still in the midst of their transformation and writhing on the ground and tearing at their own clothes.

All this stated, I will be eager to hear your requests out and be working on what requests any of you might sent my way!

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