Blisshop Preview BG by Luckypan

Blisshop Preview BG


20 July 2015 at 02:21:34 MDT

Just a little ol' something of Bliss in her shop/cart/caravan called "Blisshop" (like Bishop). A place where she sells strange mysterious lotions, potions, creatures and rare trinkets that may or may not belong to Mahna drops. She's a dealer of the unusual, and you can find almost anything in her store!

This is going to be the backdrop for my rpg-shopkeeper-esque adoption sales and auctions. I just thought it would be fun to combine all my monsters. species, and critter ideas into one single brand/label.

Bliss is an rpg tiddymonster , no joke. Also! A lot of reference from stock images, personal textures and so on were used. Most of them from generic stock sites, and a few reaallly shitty photos I took of my backyard deck haha. Hopefully it's not too obvious!

Anyhoo, here's the bg without any text. frames or junk covering it up hue.

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    While it's a bit small to use as a desktop background, it's nothing a few minutes resizing can't sort out. Also, excellent that you remembered to put a url in there. You'd be surprised how often I come across folks who forget that little detail. It also goes without being said that I'm definitely liking the gold coin resting in her cleavage there.