Eddie's New Roommate by Lucky7788

Eddie's New Roommate

The Village School For Boys is a educational center for male students 5th grade and up. The school has dormitories where the students can stay and sleep, their even allow students to live on campus.

All of the students are anthropomorphic animals and the percentage of graduates are 48%. Inside one of the dorms is a student who works hard at every subject, Science, baseball and etc. This student is a handsome, tall anthropomorphic Iguana. His name is Eddie. He's 18 years old with height of 5’8, he's in the 11th grade and he's been getting straight A’s. He studies when there's a tests or exams are coming up. He has ocean blue smooth scales, three fingers and a thumb, well groomed claws on the fingers and digitigrade lizard like feet. He has a 4 inch tail, emerald green eyes and brown feather like hair on his head. He's very friendly and very intelligent, but he has a secret fondness for muscle guys that he keeps to himself. He's got an ectomorph build with an bit of muscles, he's wearing a burnt red Hecho shirt, tan pants and sneakers. He's IQ is very high and he's a very sneaky reptile. Eddie can sneak up on anyone and surprise them, like a ghost in the night.

At the moment Eddie finished his studies and next week's homework, his room was normal and plain. Eddie hasn't gotten a roommate yet and he was getting depressed. He always wanted a roommate not just because he wanted some company, but he wanted to test out some silky rope and other unique items he's been collecting. After he finished his studies and homework, Eddie lays on his twin bed and looks at the ceiling. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and his relaxing was cut short. Eddie was surprised and curious, and gets himself together and approaches the door as he opens it. On the other side of the door he's looking at a big, muscular anthropomorphic Rhinoceros Iguana. Eddie looks at him up and down, this Iguana was taller than he is and he's got big muscles all over his body including six pack rock abs. He's got broad shoulders, a 5 inch tail and digitigrade lizard like feet, he's wearing a white muscle shirt and navy blue overalls. He's got smooth steely grey skin, well trimmed claws and lapis lazuli blue eyes. He's got no hair except for the bony-plated pseudo horn which resembles a rhino. He has a well built body look he's been working out for a while and wears clothes like he's from the country. He was carrying some bags and luggage with him, as Eddie looks at him with amazement the new Iguana tilted his head and chuckles “You like what you see?” he asked. The Iguana’s voice was had a country expression and its really deep and smooth. Eddie shakes his head to snap out of it, “Yes I do,how can I help you?” Eddie asked. The Rhino Iguana replied “Well I'm new to this school and I'm looking for door 333, am I in the right place?” he asked. Eddie smiled and nodded “Yes! This is my dorm, my name is Eddie” said Eddie as he holds out his hand. The rhino Iguana smiles greatly and shakes his hand “I'm Spike! It's nice to meet ya Eddie” he said. They both shake hands and spike goes inside, Eddie helps him get his stuff inside the dorm and shows his bedroom. Spike is really excited to get settled into his room and Eddie decided to help him unpack. Afterwards Eddie and Spike played video games together, they watched Netflix and Eddie was surprised that spike liked the same things he likes. They did some cardio together and they had so much fun that they were getting along like they were childhood friends.

One day after class sessions were finished Eddie came to his dorm and found a package with his name on it. Eddie suspended that the package is his new tools he ordered and he looks in the dorm to see if Spike was there. Once he sees that the coast was clear he brings the big package inside the dorm and brings it to his room. He looks inside the package and sees 40ft coils of soft rope, 2 rolls of black sticky and sealing tape, leather handcuffs, silky bandanas, 50 feet coils of silky white rope and 2 rolls of fur safe gray duct tape. Eddie was thrilled that his stuff came, he closed the package and puts it in the closet. Eddie took another look at Spike's room, he expected his room will be messy but to Eddie's surprise his room newest kept clean. He can see his Spike's dumbbells in the corner and some other equipment neatly organized. However, there was some kind of magazine sticking out from under the bed. Eddie walks in and pulls out the magazine to look, but what he was looking at brought a shocked look on his face. The magazine was about muscular men bound and gagged and kidnapping, Eddie reads through it and was blushing heavily seeing images of hunky male anthros tied up and gagged in different ways. Suddenly he heard knocking on the door and a voice “Hey Eddie! You home?!” spike said. Eddie puts the magazine back under Spike's bed and came to the door to open it for Spike. Eddie looks at Spike to see that he's sweating and tired “Heya roomie….sorry I'm late….lost track of time” Spike said while he's panting. It seems to Eddie that he wasn't just working out, he ran all the way to the dorm. “Come on I'll get you some water and I want to talk to you” Eddie said. Spike smiles and walks inside the dorm, Eddie gives him some water and Spike wipes the sweat away with his towel that Spike had on the back of his neck. “Thanks Eddie” said Spike as he takes the water and drinks it whole, Eddie was staring at him with amazement. Spike smiles and chuckles “Anyway what did you want to talk about?”. Eddie shakes his head and sits with him, “promise you won't get mad when I tell you”. Spike smiles and nods yes “ you've been a very great roommate, so say what's on ya mind pal” spike said. Eddie blushed and crossed his fingers “ I went into your room and it was nice and neat…” Eddie said. Spike laughs and patted him on the back “Thanks! My folks always say I should be nice to meet so I make a habit of being neat, is that what you wanted to talk about?” Spike asked. Eddie shakes his head saying no “no that's not all,.... when I went inside I saw a magazine showing guys bound and gagged” Eddie said nervously. Spike's eyes widened and he was speechless, “Then I looked into it” Eddie said feeling pensive. Spike blushes heavily and covers his face “Great! Just great! I went to work out and I come back to see my roommate going through my stuff! I guess you know what I like so I'll just…mmm” said Spike until Eddie puts his hand over his mouth and started tearing. Spike looks at him in the eye, “don't go..I'm sorry Spike. I was curious, I didn't think that you were someone with the same interests as me. Please don't leave me” Eddie said as he removed his hand and he started crying on Spike's torso. Spike was shocked and started feeling bad, he raised his arms and started to hug him. “hey, stop..don't cry..please, don't cry Eddie I was just afraid because now that you know my secret you would want me gone” spike said and started tearing up as well. Eddie wipes his eyes “I don't want you gone, you're my first roommate and I don't want to lose you” Eddie said. Spike was shocked, he's never been wanted by someone who knows his secret. Eddie stands up “in fact I want to show you something, if you'll let me” Eddie said as he wipes his tears. Spike drops his “leaving tough guy act” and nods “okay, and I'll so you my collection” Spike said.

Eddie leads Spike to his room and closed the door, spike stood against the wall and watched Eddie as he pulls the package he got and opens it. Spike went to him and looked in the box only to widen his eyes seeing that he's got rope, sticky tape and other unique items in the box. Eddie was blushing and shivering, while Spike was blushing heavily and looked at Eddie. “So...all this stuff….is yours” Spike asked and Eddie nodded hesitantly and looked really gloomy. Suddenly Spike gives Eddie a big hug and chuckles. Eddie was surprised and hugged him back “Don't you think I'm weird?” Eddie asked. Spike holds him up and puts him down “Of course not! You saw my magazine and I have more to show you! I really like seeing dudes tied up” Spike said as he smiles greatly. Eddie smiled like he was having fun “Me too! Honestly, I was too nervous to ask you this, could I test my new stuff on you?” Eddie asked. Spike nods and winks “Sure! Sounds like fun!” Spike said. Eddie was really excited and he hugs Spike again and Spike hugs him back. Thereafter hugging Eddie gets coils of soft rope out of the box, as well the leather handcuffs and a roll of black sticky and sealing tape. “Okay Spike moved your hands behind your back please?” Eddie asked. Spike did as he asked and moved his hands behind his back, Eddie went behind him with the leather handcuffs and cuffed his hands behind his back. Then he separates the soft rope and loops the rope around his arms tying them together and looping more rope around his chest and body. Eddie continued looping the ropes and tying his upper body securely. Spike stayed still for him throughout his work. Eddie helps Spike sit on the bed then he ties his ankles together with soft rope and makes it like rope cuffs, then he ties his knee and thighs until he's nice and tight. Spike was amazed by Eddie's rope work and struggles to test it out “Wow! This feels Great! Great job roomie!” Spike said. Eddie smiled greatly “Thanks Spike. I just need to finish up” Eddie said as he gets a roll of black sticky sealing tape and tears off two pieces, Spike was curious “What's that for?” he asked. Eddie smiled and winks at him “Hold still and trust me” Eddie said. Spike smiles and nods yes, he stays still for Spike as he gets in front of him. Eddie ripped three pieces of the tape and placed one over his lips. “Hmmm...mmmm, mmhmmhhmm” Spike tried to move his lips, but the tape sticks to his skin and sealed his lips shut. Eddie placed a piece over his mouth and smoothing it on his face, “mmghmm mmmh mmm phmmmhmm”. Eddie placed the last strip of the tape over his mouth and smoothing it on, now Spike's mouth was completely stuck. “Mmmhmm...ummmph mmghmm mmmm”, Spike puffed and moved his snout around unfortunately for him the tape didn't budge. Eddie stepped back and watched as Spike started struggling and moaning, he was blushing and giggling while he was squirming. “Mmh..mmmmrmmmhmm. mmm hmmm mmhmrmm ummmm..mmm”, Spike lays on the bed and squirmed playfully. Eddie was blushing and really excited. He finally had not only a roommate who understands him, but he has someone who doesn't mind being taken hostage. Eddie sits in a beanbag seat and watches Spike struggling and rolling around on his bed, “Rrrhmmm..brkmmmhhm..mmhm ..mmmm mmp mmm”. Spike smiles at Eddie under the gag and struggles in his bondage, flexing his muscles, pulling at the handcuffs, wiggling his body and shoulders. Spike has been squirming around in the bed for 25 minutes, he was having some fun and his body was showing signs of his excitement. Including in between his legs. “okay roomie It's been 25 minutes, I should let you go” Eddie said as he approaches him, but Spike rolls away from him “NMMMM! HRMMM..MMMH” Spike shakes his head saying no. Eddie was surprised and stared at him for a moment “You want to stay tied up?” he asked. Spike smiles and nods yes to answer Eddie, Eddie was intrigued “You really like being tied up don't you?” Eddie asked. Spike blushes heavily and nods yes, Eddie chuckles at Pat's him on his head. “Well It's almost dinner time, don't let me forget to untie you if you want out okay” Eddie said, Spike nods yes to agree with him and goes back to struggling and squirming. Eddie texted on his phone and his new friend enjoys his time squirming and moaning.

Eddie's New Roommate


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