Chibi Oki by luciferousMachairodont

Chibi Oki


3 August 2014 at 08:34:24 MDT

like chibi Ammy but this time with Oki! ;^; Even in chibi form, he is still a manly wolf omg.

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    (five seconds later)

    (snerk) too funny, you've stripped him of his cool.
    lol times fifty :D

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      Well whoops XD In my mind he is always cool, lol!

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        i'll not argue that point, but I was more or less joking around.

        I never understood his ice powers in the game though, they were never really explained, were they?
        it's just "oh, by the way, this guy who lives in a snow place has ice magic"
        that just strikes me as confusing.

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          Yeah, they weren't really developed at all. Okami was a really great game, but I do think its plot has some loopholes.

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            not that they aren't overlookable.
            I think, that being a truly good gamer means being able to look past any little problems in a game and see it for its good points, to take time enjoying the fun in it, not going on and on about every little mistake they find.

            personally, I hated that Tobi moved so fast on oni island, that made me really annoyed, and I hate blockheads too, they really aggrevate me... and also when those postmen cheat and drop burrs, or swerve just as I was about to hit them.
            as well as the plot errors in the game... irritating...

            but still, I can look past those issues and see Okami for its true value as an amazing, literally interactive-art-masterpiece that it is, and would say that it is one of my most favourite games of all time.

            sorry for ranting there, but do you think I have a point?

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              You definitely do. Although, if a game has too many glaring, unforgivable blunders or is just plain outright boring, then I don't think I could appreciate it very well at all. It just wouldn't be my game, you know? But games should be appreciated for all the work put into them and all of the good things that came out of it.