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Status: Single

Ethnicity: Irish, Native American (Seminole, Blackfoot, And Cherokee), Austrian German

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual (depends on my mood for what I crave in gender))

Birthday: March 7, 1990

Area of Existence: Woodstock, CT ((the middle of nowhere in CT))

Dream from childhood: To build my mother an awesome home somewhere nice and warm and to own my own bakery and spa

Fetishes I enjoy- Lactation, Pregnancy, Mpreg((Cuntboy and Herm only, Chubbiness (healthy), decent sized breasts for your respective height, Creativity, Dominate females and males ((to a point)), Love and compassion. ((those are my main things I like to see but I have more)) muscular females and males ((to a point)), feral play ((some times.)). Cunt boys....Best of both worlds. *drools* Femboys...I love them just not the annoyingly girly ones, you know which ones I'm talking about. Some Males but i'm very very picky. Size difference (( moderate or realistic like for example IRL I'm 6'1 and kinda think about it from there.)

Real life profession: Baker (unemployed for now). So feel free if you have a question about some baked good or something drop a note or even add me on Skype(My most used Im) for said question or if your in the same profession feel free to talk shop with me. I love learning and comparing notes.

Contact me at any time over FA, Weasyl or Skype((Which I use the most)). I'm always willing to talk about anything, well almost anything or role play. Don't Worry I don't bite unless your into that sort of thing then as long as you ask I won't bite hard.

And If someone would like an art trade, i can't draw but I sure we could figure out something. I love art as much as I love cake and I LOVE cake. So I'm almost willing to do anything, almost anything for art. So hit me up with a Note or skype. If you added me on skype tell me where you added me from and a link to your page, Please and thank you.

Also for those who like or love to play Magic the gathering, feel free to MSG me on Skype or any of my other lovely IMs if you want to play, I love to play for fun.

Also To warn you, I do kinda scope threw people's art and watch artists and people who get art if i see that that do good art or interesting art i will watch them and maybe try to talk to you and same thing with say the art "whores" I will even comment. I'm in the process of getting my fursona drawn. Thank you Scully! Many Hugs!






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Love No Matter Who You Find It In

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