Wally Character Sheet 2016 by Lucienchol

Wally Character Sheet 2016


6 February 2016 at 17:38:05 MST

Finally made a character ref for Wally! I'll need to make another for their alt forms/robot puppets but I'm happy!

I kinda wanted to add more info to it but I felt it would just clutter the ref a lot, so I'll add some of it below!

Extra info (+ the info on the Ref Sheet incase its hard to read):
Name: Wally
Age: Unknown (Looks in their 20's)
Birthdate: 7/7
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Uknown (Depends on current body)
Species: Robot possessed by a demon soul.
Distinguishing feature: Black and White horns, Heart shaped tail and Mark under right eye.
Hobbies: Fighting, Computer thinkering, Singing.
Illness: they can't get ill in the traditional sense but their robot body can get errors/malfuntions.
Skills: Summoning Puppets, Creating energy, Creating a pact with someone giving them unlimited power like that of a Royal/Deva Knight.
Favourite food: Gems, anything sweet.
Favourite sport: Fencing.
Occupation: Lacrimosa Security, Puppeteer.
Habits: Asking many questions, singing when bored, creating robots to control.
Personality: Usually keeps to themselves but doesn't mind speaking with people, energetic and playful when talking about something they enjoy or when fighting. Dislikes being treated as a "thing", hence being aprehensive of people seeing their robot body.
Family: Deseased.
Motto: No retreat, no surrender.
Dress Style: Depends on their mood.

Fun fact: the last alternate clothes is actually my main mabinogi get up. Its a lunar dragon helmet + starlight robe + giant bird leg boots.

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