Commissions Open! by Lucienchol

Commissions Open!


23 July 2015 at 14:39:09 MDT

I also do avatars for $10 each or $16 for 2!
Willing to draw just about anything though my fortes are:
1. Animals
2. Anthros/Furries
3. Monsters
4. Humans
5. Simple backgrounds

I will NOT draw extreme gore/fetish or anything illegal (ex. loli/shota, incest, rape/noncon, etc.)

NSFW is fine though it might be extra depending on how complex it is.

Send me an email or note/dm me on one of the contact places listed with the commission details. If you want a specific way of drawing thats not on here but on my gallery, link me to it and we can work something out. Also feel free to send any questions you might have!

I expect the full amount upfront and I will provide Works In Progress pictures so you know I am working on your commission and to let me know if you wish me to fix something.
For now I only accept PayPal though let me know if there are other/better methods!
If I have not provided Works In Progress within a week you are free to ask for a refund.

For more examples you can check out my gallery here.

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