Popsums Adoptables Batch 1 (Open!) by Lucheek

Popsums Adoptables Batch 1 (Open!)


9 January 2017 at 11:40:07 MST

Popsums are an original, semi-open species. They live on planet Purret and worship the Silver Sun Goddess, Paia. They are mischievous, rebellious pranksters and pilferers who are always on the hunt for a good time. They bounce around on their powerful, suction cup tipped tail and stuff things into their adorable heart shaped pouch.

Popsums are one of four original species that are playable in the ARPG (art role-playing game/group) Purret, which will open soon on DeviantART!

Purret ARPG

Each of these adoptables is $5.