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Critter Coven #4 by Lucheek

Critter Coven #4


27 November 2015 at 18:40:42 MST

A special how-to edition!


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    Critter Coven?? This is adorable! How long have you been doing these?

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      I started doing these for a class at SCAD. However, I'm planning on continuing the project and going to make a pitch packet to make it a full, regular updating webcomic in the future!!

      Thank you for your comment!

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        I would LOVE to see that comic! Speaking as someone with a major interest in magic (albeit from a non-Wiccan/withcrafty perspective) I absolutely love things like this. And the ending cracks me up so much. Everybody ALWAYS has their own ideas they gotta put into this stuff, you know?

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          I am not Wiccan either, but I am a witch. I hope to include the perspective of a lot of people who are interested in magic in the comic. Thank you for your support!!

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            No problem! And it's always nice to see people who are into this stuff outside of Wicca, haha. Sometimes it seems to overshadow everything else.