2014 Reference! by LucaLoo

2014 Reference!


6 July 2014 at 17:22:11 MDT

[Copy paste from FA]

After a million years and about 3 1/2 do overs, ive finally finished this shit.

A little visual primer is in the work regarding Luca's species, the Maloro, and for now, its a closed species. I doubt there is much interest, but I might as well state that. (if you are interested, well, i guess you can contact me lol)

Also, yes, thats my shitdick cat, Pipi. I wouldnt mind getting art with her someday, so shes here too. Plus, shes my homie.


Personality traits:
forgetful, loyal, tries to be consistent, awkward, doesnt like upsetting people, aloof as hell, enjoys being alone, optimistic, idealistic, creative, honest, down to earth, sometimes cold toward things/situations that are frustrating, can have difficulty empathizing with concepts that she doesnt agree with/understand, stubborn, free spirited, indecisive, patient, foul mouthed/curses frequently, can be vulgar, loves awful puns, shrewd.

Favorite foods:
Ramen noodles, fruits, cheese, red meat, ice cream, most sweets, sour candy, burgers and many things that people should probably not eat, i.e. strange concoctions involving chicken nuggets, pepperoni, goldfish crackers and copious amounts of nacho cheese.

Least favorite foods:
Fish, super spicy foods, things with "surprise cartilage", canned spinach.

Nature, camping, eating, quiet areas, cool weather, storms, finding bugs and other small critters, animals, genuine people, helping others, nacho cheese, good conversation.

Hot weather, rotting lettuce and vegetables, raw eggs, fish, things that smell bad, noisy and inconsiderate people, one word responses, small children, the city, being put in shitty situations, entitled people.

Also random fun fact, Luca's primary color is theorized color of the universe.

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    Dude something with chicken nuggets, pepperoni, goldfish crackers and copious amounts of nacho cheese sounds feasibly good. I'd try some.