Little mantis <3 by LucaLoo (critique requested)

Little mantis <3 (critique requested)


16 December 2013 at 14:05:50 MST

Woo finally caught up!

ill end this with a full fledged painting I did recently!

(commissions open)

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    Not a bad painting, the light pastel-like colour palette is pretty effective in conveying a blissful summer mood. There is enough contrast in the values to imply a strong primary light source.

    There are a couple of things that I noticed that isn't all-right with the image though, and they are with the posing and perspective. The first issue I see is that her (?) right arm looks pretty stiff and not really held out in a natural position, and I figured that it would look a lot better if there is a slight bend at the elbow. The second issue is with the legs' perspectives, her right leg is positioned more edge-on towards the viewpoint than her left, and yet her left leg looks significantly shorter than her right, when it should be the other way around, considering that her left leg should be angled away from the viewer.

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      Heya! thanks for the crit I really appreciate it! Im really glad to know I did good with the colors, its something i have been struggling with a lot lately so that makes me feel like ive been improving!

      As for the other stuff you mentioned, those are pretty much the parts that I struggled with and ending up deciding to roll with as is. Figures are still giving me hell lol. Thanks for your input! I guess its time for me to crack down on my anatomy some more:)

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        You're welcome, glad I could help! c: