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Diffuse Phovv by LTSmiley

Diffuse Phovv


10 March 2015 at 02:56:36 MDT

Name: Diffuse Phovv

Species: Qwujakuhl

Gender: Male

Personality: Like many Qwujakuhls, Diffuse seems to be a pretty happy and content Qwujakuhl. He is very skilled at what he does, although he seems to spend more time socializing than working. Diffuse is always curious of everyone else’s business although really doesn’t intend to be nosey. He cares deeply for his friends and coworkers and wants to know them all on the same level. The same is extended to Inglenook who is not very receptive of it. Diffuse is very carefree and tends to shrug off complications as being far less than they really are. Some might dare to say he is a bit careless, and airheaded, but Diffuse is a very valuable asset regardless. Diffuse also has a tendency to listen without listening. That is to say, he hears people talk, but doesn’t really listen to what it is they’re saying unless it catches his interest.

Background: Diffuse is a Qwujakuhl scientist. He’s a little more curious about what makes the Qwuedeviv tick than is good for their peace treaty but he keeps it all in check pretty efficiently. Diffuse oversees Inglenook’s studies and is there to teach him. Diffuse is usually not in Inglenook’s best of graces, but it does not seem to faze the Qwujakuhl.

Random Facts:

Diffuse has a great love of all sorts of food.

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