Oh, we're not the same by LTL

Oh, we're not the same


28 June 2016 at 07:43:41 MDT

Where's your gavel? Your jury?
What's my offense this time?
You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me
Well, sentence me to another life


I'm not the same kid from your memory
Well, now I can fend for myself

Don't wanna hear your sad songs
I don't wanna feel your pain
When you swear it's all my fault
'Cause you know we're not the same
No, we're not the same, oh, we're not the same

-Paramore - Ignorance

I think this voice would fit adult Jasiri. We know all hyenas left off before Kiara became an adult and the hyena did say she won't be seeing Kion again. They helped each other once, that's it. It doesn't mean they won't have any conflicts in the future.

On the side note, I've seen tons of r34 of her and only one picture was anatomically correct...Hyenas are not dogs. They are very unique down there, especially females.

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    Particularly spotted hyena females, yes!
    Looks good, I recognized her, so you captured her particulars well!

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      I tried to copy TLK style, good to know she's recognizable!

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        Yup, ya did good! ^-^