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2016_08 - Garyan, Algonquine and Lupa by LrdskyO

2016_08 - Garyan, Algonquine and Lupa


12 August 2016 at 18:26:48 MDT

Always working on anatomy and especially "Anthro anatomy" (because there is interesting things to do on this particular topic and i thing i can go further on it), and interactions between characters (like on this one).

  • I'm not satisfied on the male (Garyan) pose (i tried numerous time but didn't succeed to make a convincing one this time).
  • The female on the far right (Lupa) is poorly proportioned when looking to the proportion of the male. I didn't construct enough before giving the detail to them, i have to work that. I also have the feeling that she isn't correctly included on the scene.

Now that i did my self-critisim on the main points, let's go with the character's presentation.

--> Garyan (Canibipédis lupus lupus), is one of the ten brothers and sisters from one of the biggest "A labs" GMA's wolfpack. Being less unruly than his siblings, he was added to the test assault team (under the leadership of the GMA hybrid Semirenard) as a "assault enforcer" ("GMA - Enforcer"). Despite his very wolfish temperament, he seems to often accept doing things that go out of his Lupine state (he actually consider himself as part of an "human pack" and accept his subdominant position).

One day, he and Lupa conceived a very unexpected child (birth in the laboratory are very regulated especially with Wolves). Here come the "problematic" shewolf cub Algonquine whose he is extremely proud.

The young shewolf share the same dormitory with her mother Lupa, in order to avoid the two Alphas trying to have another child. That didn't prevent Garyan to come and see his daugther when he have even a tiny little bit of time, between shooting training, "Impregnation H" (session when the element is getting used to the everyday sounds of the human civilisation and learn how to use some human objects with human and sometime other GMAs), "Impregnation A" (i already spoke about these session on my previous drawing) or everyday activities.

Garyan have a strong Wolf behavior from his father and his past wolfpack's life (his brothers and sisters are now separated from him). He certainly will pass somewhat of this to his young daugther.

--> Algonquine (CaniLupubipédis lupus italicus) pronounced "Algonkinn", her binomial nomenclature come from the fact that she was born from a wolf (GMA) interbreeding relationship. Particularly desired by her parents, labs personnal also become pretty attached to her because of her very wolfish side. The mostly typical Lupine social interaction she have with her father emphasizing that.

She live on the same dormitory than her mother (she actually sleep under her mother's bed) and willingly keep her subordinate rank inside her parent's little wolfpack. We can see this here as she have a submission behavior named "Muzzle Bite - Soft" (BMS - can possibly be a food begging or a hierarchical submission behavior) toward her father. She seems to develop stereotypical behaviors, either physical or at speaking (following her mother's step in this case).

Nevertheless, her very wolfish behavior will make her life among the human's society somewhat hard. For her or for people who are willing to interact with her.

Last but not least, she also inherited from her mother's ability to talk.

--> Lupa (Canibipédis lupus italicus) is a only daugther (a sister was born but died rapidly) of a "Italian Wolf" couple (the "italicus" is a subspecies of the wolf). Her parents being also dead, she is now the only living GMA subject of this particular subspecies.
Other particularity, she was the first Wolf GMA to have to capability to talk (her father was supposedly been heard articulate more humanish sounds or even syllabes but were never reported told any complete words or sentences). She learned the English language and become able to communicate with us. She also kept Wolf-like behaviors but she is most capable of finding herself a place among our social system. Her reasoning and conceptual intelligence being more human-like.

But despite all of this, she achieve to "learn back" a younger Wolf male what they can do when there is a Male, a Female and the desire to spread their genes...then came the little Algonquine. This show that she didn't completely lost the -GMA- Wolf she was given by her parents.

The situation then become a bit complicated for her and Garyan, they are in both an "human pack" and also in the "little wolfpack" they build around their daughter, Algonquine (Wolf who pass trough two wolfpacks were already seen in the wild but this seems to be extremely rare).

On a side note, Lupa show us here a GMA wolf behavior that was recently observed on the GMA's wolf (a GMA Wolf Ethogram is currenly under writing based on observation maked on them).
This is called a "Wolfish Smile - GWSM", one of her parents was seeing doing this. It is very likely they acquired that by social learning, by observing us and it seems this behavior show itself when on an temporary excitement state or satisfaction. But the observations on them are following and there is no doubt there will be new developpement about this in the future so... wait and see.observations on them are following and there is no doubt there will be new developpement about this in the future so... wait and see.

Garyan the Anthro Wolf (Canibipedis lupus lupus) was created by Olivier Lardsky. ©
Algonquine the Anthro Wolf interbreed (CaniLupubipedis lupus italicus) was created by Olivier Lardsky. ©
Lupa the Anthro Italian Wolf (Canibipedis lupus italicus) was created by Olivier Lardsky. ©

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