Sissy princesses by Loupy

Sissy princesses


30 April 2014 at 15:30:24 MDT

Art by Nelson88 and his cousin. Thanks to them again for this lovely pic !

Matt was in need of two cute babies to show off the new sissy diaper for the Pawpers brand commercial. Loupy and Sammy were misbehaving in his office while waiting for him to be done with work to take them to the fair. After a good spanking, he decided that they would do very well in the commercial, and the two cubs get shooted in it as cute little princesses. When they come home (they had no fair after such missbehaving) Remy was here and told them they were bad little cubs and being sissies and babies is all they were good for. Matt called his son to the dishes and he said he was coming once he was done with the sissies... Matt got him to clean the dishes but then spanked him and made him join the princess club. Naughty smarty mouthes get spanked !

And someway the plushie is happy... Maybe she has plans for some of those sissies...

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