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What is a Loupy ?

on 30 January 2014 at 14:17:01 MST

Loupy is usually a 5 years old wolf with grey fur, white tummy fur and paws, black ears and tail, and blue eyes. He has a heart-shaped tatoo on his bottom. He can also be older, ranging from 15 to 25, but in this case scars where his black wings were can be seen on his back. He lost them when he was age-regressed.
Loupy was once a powerful magician, who to make a better world decided to enslave peoples to make them happy, because they would hurt themselves. He used age-regression spells on those who fought him, and his friends and disciples finally beat him and used the same trick on him. He has no a strong distrust of magic, even if most of the time he doesn't remember why.

Personality : despite his age, Loupy is still wearing diapers. He is a bedwetter, but can use potty for number 2, and can usually use the potty for number 1 when awake. He is shy, but friendly, and still kept most of his adult mind despite the age regression. But he has always been immature and still is, he likes to play and such. He is a bit of a know-it-all. He had emotionnal scars and that will not wash away easily.

Likes :

  • Being treated as a baby
  • Being sissified
  • Being humiliated
  • bondage
  • dogplay
  • chastity
  • costume wearing (especially plushie ones)
  • breastfeeding

Dislikes :

  • mind-control / hypnosis
  • messy diapers
  • violence
  • blood
  • vore
  • birds and fishes

What Loupy is looking for :
Caregivers, mostly, of any type. I'm caitous about others babyfurs, for lots of them want me to be a babysitter, and I'm really burn out about that.

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    Hi Loupy,

    I am not sure where to begin, but I do see that my attempts to talk to you went very wrong. For which I am sorry, while I don't regret the contents of my messages, I do regret the fact that I let my frustration bring out the worst in me regarding my tone, which I regret. I saw a lot of vents and rants in your profile, and was for the most part asking questions in order to better understand what was going on and to try to explain things to you. It seems I misjudged what to do, and what not with your journals. I sometimes resort to bad attempts at humor, such as writing "opiniated contrarian" as a joking reference to my own tendency to be a bit of a nosey know-it-all, or in response to things people write, which to me are funny, but are a sensitive topic to them. I don't think we should try to contact each other again. However, finding your profile here gave me an opportunity to write an explanation and an appology regarding my behaviour towards you because I do feel bad about the poor manner in which we communicated with each other.

    Something I felt that needed to be added:
    While you are perfectly within your rights to decide not to talk to me for whatever reason I do think it is an act of weakness on your side to ban me without a single word or warning. I feel this way because banning someone without any kind of warning for what you feel is a misstep is unreasonable and not smart. People usually have a good reason for what they do even if you don't agree with their choices and insta-banning anyone without trying to talk things over essentially means you do not want to listen to what anyone has to say unless it is to your personal liking and that it is also up to you to decide who can go to hell in your book. While that is your right, you might want reconsider this, you may end up with a lot of frustrated resentment regarding a lot of people because you neglected to try to understand their perspective. You might think you can move on and forget about people who angered you, and perhaps you are right. It is my opinion that this way dealing with people is the road to becoming a narrow-minded and intolerant, lonely individual. However you don't need to contact me if that is your wish. I won't bother you any more, that is for sure. You can however always contact me if you like, I did not ban you and my e-mail address is there for anyone who wishes to talk to me.


    reposted regarding grammar and spelling - do as you wish with these posts.