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Lister Comic 001 by loucathwil

Lister Comic 001


The file name for this comic is 'Lister is a dick' lol, but he's not really, he's reflecting behaviour in some of the people in my social group, who when push comes to shove, are incredible people!...just a tad...tact deficient.

This took a while to do! Motivation was very low, but thankfully my spouse is super encouraging and got me to show work to other comic/storyboard artist friends!

Also, I loved making those stupid hearts!

So why a Broomistega?

Well, this video explains it best: - PBS Eons - 'The Oddest Couple in the Fossil Record'

Despite looking nothing like one, Trisha is somewhat inspired by Thrinaxodon. I liked the idea of her cuddling with a little cute amphibian friend for comfort, like ( but probably not) in the fossil.

And yes, the zippy mouth and eyes with whites was a jab at my own work, cos I still get quite self conscious about the dolls creepy-factor.

Anyway, thank you all for your time, patience, and support!

All the best,



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