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Trisha Comic 3 by loucathwil

Trisha Comic 3


Hello! Here's the 6th comic!

Not super happy with the dialogue in this comic, in fact, I've been umming and aahing over this comic for the last 3 weeks now. My partner helped me get it to this point, and honestly? I just want to focus on the next set of comics now

This is the last of the green screen set! We tried something slightly different with this comic, we used a green screen!


Unfortunately, the Green screen reflected back onto the dolls, And despite a lot of masking and Hue Adjustment layers, I thought sticking with a green back ground would be best.

The Tea Cups were sculpted by the awesome Drerika as part of a trade we did in 2016!


Your support is very much appreciated, Sharing, favourite-ing and Commenting on my work really helps me out!

To Maintain my momentum financially and emotionally, Please consider donating; it is ALL helpful, and ALL appreciated

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