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TrishDemyMugs002WM by loucathwil



Hi there,

Before the tl;dr, Zola and Trisha's T shirts are promoting the band LUNTARA, my Partner is the Bassist and Artist for this awesome Scifi Metal band!

Okay, back to the submission

It always makes me uncomfortable to ask people for money, even when they want to buy things from me!

It's rare for me to be in a job where I earn enough spare wages to support other people (let alone myself), so being asked to donate tends to leave me feeling super guilty and frustrated, cos I rarely have much to give.

So having said this, I hope you can understand how much I appreciate your support, and also, why this photoshoot was so far out of my comfort zone!

I think that's why I made Clapet so cynical. And although I'm sure Zola is being sincere, I can't help but read her expression as being like all of the chuggers who would harass and guilt trip me when I was a teen (thinking I was older, cos I'm tall), and later in my twenties, try to part me with my jobseekers allowance.

Looks like I've become what I hate most...but I don't really have any other choices, especially during a global pandemic with immunocompromised family

Anyway, thank you for your time, and I wish you all the best xx


Your support is very much appreciated, Sharing, favourite-ing and Commenting on my work really helps me out!

To Maintain my momentum financially and emotionally, Please consider donating; it is ALL helpful, and ALL appreciated

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