UPDATE adoptables! by loucathwil

UPDATE adoptables!


18 November 2018 at 06:26:13 MST

CWAD Adopts

Hey! Here's my first batch of CWAD Adoptables. CWAD stands for

Comes With an Art Doll.

I refer to this type of Dragon as Draco Psuedo-Ambystoma (but once they're yours, you can call them whatever you like)

Each of these Adoptables come with an Art doll like this:


or this:


Printing and delivery of my patterns from Spoonflower takes on average 2-3 weeks. Including this delivery time, and considering other commitments a Doll will take approximately 2 months between date of purchase and dispatch. Should it take longer I will contact the buyer and keep them up to date with progress.

Dragons up for adoption include:

  1. Juice Box
  2. Mutant Sour
  3. Mantle Plume

You can chose whether to have you dragon adoptable as either 'Asleep' (a beanie soft toy) or as 'Awake' (a fully armatured poseable doll). The prices will differ however, and are:

£175 – Asleep (beanbag filled)
£220 – Awake (with armature)

For £25 extra, you can get a very basic character sheet, like these ones for Bubblegum and MarrowFat:



If choosing a character sheet, please do not make any edits to my art. But feel free to make any changes you wish to the character's personality and appearance in your own art once you've bought it from me. It will be your character after all!
I would really appreciate it if you credit me wherever you upload my images of your purchased Adopt.

Prices are concluded based on individual materials to make the Art Doll, combined with price per day and/or man hours to make them, and then tallied to make the final cost of the overall Art Doll.

Postage and packing costs are NOT included in the cost of the doll. Postage costs will be discussed with the customer. This is because I send worldwide and prices change.

Payments will be requested via an Invoice from Paypal.

I will require a non refundable 50% deposit before I start work on any Art doll. This is to cover the cost of materials and some of the man hours, and to cover me in case the commission falls through. Once your Art Doll is complete, I will require the remainder of the commission cost (as well as cost of postage and packing on top), and upon receiving I will then dispatch the Art doll using Recorded Delivery. I reserve the right to use photographs of your plush in my portfolio.

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