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Commissions: Open
Trades: Open
Requests: Sometimes


Hεllσ, ωεlcσмε тσ мч ρяσƒιlε. Tнεяε ιѕи'т мυcн тσ ѕεε нεяε, I'м иσт тнαт вιg. Plεαѕε εχcυѕε мε ƒσя вειиg lαzч ѕσмεтιмεѕ. I яεαllч dσ αρρяεcιαтε αич кιиdиεѕѕ. Iƒ чσυ ѕεиd α иσтε ιт'll тαкε тιмε ƒσя мε тσ яεѕρσиd αѕ I'м cυяяεитlч ιи ѕcнσσl αиd ωσякιиg.


Anthro Fullbody

Anthro, Cell Shaded
$ 9.00

Candy Pop

Fully Shaded, Chibi-like
$ 3.00

Feral Fullbody

Cell Shading, Feral
$ 8.00


Fully Shaded, 100x100
$ 1.50

Icon Pixel

Pixelated, 50x50, Fullbody, Shaded
$ 1.00

Realistic Headshot

Realistic, Fully Shaded, Neck up
$ 5.00


Fullbody Anthro & Feral, Meat, Back View, Alt Hair/Headshot
$ 10.00

The following goes for any art I create (art trades, commissions, requests etc.), closed species will have their own TOS to follow, so please pay attention to it.

By commissioning me, buying a YCH, requesting me, and agreeing to an art trade you have carefully read and understood all of the provided information.

General Rules and Rights

  • I have the right to accept/decline your proposed commission.

  • I retain all rights to the commissioned art/YCH's/requests/art from trades.

  • I have the right to upload the commissioned art/YCH's/requests/art from trades onto my galleries, and portfolio.

  • Payment will not be sent until the commission is fully accepted by both parties.

  • I reserve the right to use rejected sketches and pose sketches (i.e. if you rejected a sketch for a whole new pose) for my own use, but I will alter it so the character doesn't look like yours.

  • I reserve the right to issue a refund and cancel a commission, at any time, due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior or the inability to communicate in effective English.

  • Typically buyers will receive the high resolution image with my signature somewhere on the reference image. I will also provide one without my signature, maybe, and a .png image file of the character itself.

  • You cannot use any of my conceptual art for anything unless stated otherwise. When I say conceptual art, I am mainly referring to my "made up species" and art along those lines. Basically, anything original that I create or come up with. I will state somewhere if something can be used by others.

  • You cannot use any of my sketches for references unless stated otherwise.

  • In the case of commissioning an image with multiple characters that do not all belong to you, you will need to pick one person who will be communicating with me, I will only work with one person. It is that person's responsibility to make sure all parties receive progress updates I send and to deliver their requests for changes to me. I cannot fix things after the commission is finished if you did not ask for the changes the other party wanted.

  • You may make avatars, banners and other web graphics out of the art you receive but you may not pay someone else to color unfinished commissions, etc, without my permission.

  • Requests for adjustments (i.e accessories, etc.) can be made through me directly.

  • You may not pay another person to finish work partially created for you without permission. If you or someone else finished it at no cost please credit me in the description.

  • Feel free to make prints/copies of the image so long as it is for personal use. For commercial use, permission may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

  • Please have payment/info ready within 48 hours of your commission being accepted. If payment is not provided promptly, your slot may be given up to another at my discretion.

  • Payment is due up-front before any work has begun.

  • PAYPAL OR POINTS ONLY. No e-cheques.

  • Price may fluctuate depending on complexity of the character

My Style

  • I reserve the right to interpret your character in my own style. This includes things like tweaking colors a bit and possibly changing the shape of markings slightly in order for them to wrap around the form. In no case will I change things so much that the character is unrecognizable.

  • My art is generally very dark due to the environment and screen of my desktop, light colors will be darkened and dark colors will come out even darker (only applies to shaded items).


  • My policy is first come first serve. REQUESTS WILL COME LAST.

  • I do jump around to other commissions. Please do not worry, I only do it to keep myself sane and fresh.

  • Icons and other small commissions are usually done in-between larger commissions.

Reselling or Trading

  • Characters are to be for YOU only. If you no longer want the character, you MUST hand it back over to me. By doing this I will resell the character and you will retain a bit of profit from it in return whether it be art, or a custom character.

  • Usage and Distribution

  • NONE of my personal art is to be re-uploaded to ANY OTHER SITE with out my permission. You may post art that you've commissioned from me, so long as I am properly credited for my work.

  • The commissioned art/YCH's/requests/art from trades is restricted to personal use ONLY, and will NOT be used for profit in any way.

  • If you choose to use or upload the commissioned art/YCH's/requests/art from trades, you HAVE TO give me a proper credit. You should ALWAYS give credit to any artist if you use their art, and I require that you please credit me when you use any kind of my art.

  • All of my premade poses are for a users PERSONAL USE ONLY. There can be no re-selling the pose AT ALL. This includes trying to sell markings, references, characters, etc..

  • Payment Plans and Refunds

  • Payment plans available only on commissions above 70$. I require half of the payment upfront and will do half the work. Once finished, the next half must be sent and the commission will then be finished.

  • If I am unable to start your commission, or you have to cancel before work has begun, you will be refunded in full.

  • In the case of a cancellation on my part due to personal matters, you will be refunded in full even if work has begun.

  • In the case of a cancellation on your part or due to commissioner conduct, you will receive a refund in full if no work has begun. If any work has been done, you will receive a partial refund, minus the amount for the work done.

  • Artwork is non-refundable once complete. Any concerns must be brought up during the commission process as I send you things to approve.


  • If a deadline is not set, I will try my best to get your art finished within three months time maximum, but very rarely does it take that long. I do my best to get art done as quickly as possible, but time taken can vary greatly depending on a multitude of factors --complexity, communication, how many people are ahead of you in my queue, real life matters, etc.

  • If you need something done by a certain date, I require at least two weeks notice. Furthermore, if you do want to set a deadline, please be clear about this and make sure I have agreed to said deadline.


  • If you have any questions, concerns, or are just curious about your commission's status, feel free to note me, or message me on Discord at Servo#8736.

  • If you are waiting on a commission, I ask that you give at least a week's time after each update before asking for another, unless there is a deadline.



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    hi there! I was wondering if we could perhaps do an arttrade

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      After I get commissions and other art trades done then maybe. I currently have a lot on my plate right now