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A Mother's Love by Lotus O. Drake-Draelik (critique requested)

A Mother's Love (critique requested)

Lotus O. Drake-Draelik

"A Mother's Love is something that is hard to describe not because of
lack of words or a deficit of words to dictate to properly illustrate this idea,
but because there are so many terms that define it leaving this poor
hapless writer to deliver imagery to allow one to fully understand.

A Mother's love is the gentle touch tailing from the crown resting on
the hair of her attention's nexus. The loving sigh that fills the air
as she silently dotes on her child while vanguard to the harm that
may come.

A Mother's love is the universe-splitting screams of agony and
disorientation that spins into deathly exhaustion to be roused by
the sound of wailing. Tears rolling onto the rough texture of the
hospital gown and the whispers first heard in the existence of this
little life.

A Mother's Love is the debilitating arrows piercing each pressure point
as others ridicule her because of the life she was dealt not the life
she would have chosen and all the while bearing a warm smile comforting
the curious and insecure minds of her little ones.

A Mother's Love is patience, wisdom, compassion, firm discipline, and
understanding mingled together as the strings and brasses voice
sing in an Orchestra. The children being center stage for her given
each chance to sing and sing beautifully.

A Mother's Love is Sacrifice and it is a shame that so few mothers understand that."

I had a blue moment and put it to use.
This picture illustrates the longing and sadness from my only child
being torn from me due to racism and discrimination against the mentally ill
despite ample evidence proving me to be more than fit to parent.

Ophelia drowns in lies, lack of parenting, an abundance of material things, deficit of respect
and deceit, I can only pray that I reach her soon enough to save her from the consequences
of his revenge-driven selfishness.

This was my "I miss you and I love you" note (if you will) to my daughter.
Thanks for viewing/reading and all that!

Art/Characters/Prose are all mine.