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::Copy/pasted from FA for now!::

Well, I guess I should finally change this up! It's been a long time, and while I'm still not really an artist, I suppose I do have a bit to offer. Most of what's in my gallery here is comission stuff I've had done, and if not, it's models painted by me. To those that watch me or have taken an interest in the models I've painted, thanks alot! As a note, I usually paint models when I'm actively playing the relevant tabletop game, so it's kinda off and on. :D

Having said that, I am a furdrake, a canine/dragon ish sort've mix. I've been around for quite a while now furry-wise, and consider myself an avid roleplayer, among other things. If you want to get in touch with me, you are more than welcome to do so! My contact information should be just down to the right from here, and a note on FA always works just fine.

Thanks for dropping by! -- As a note, and I hate to say this, but it's become something of a problem recently. Anyone is free to contact me if they like, but please, PLEASE have something to say. Simply messaging me day after day with and then having only "Rawr." or ":3" as replies when I try to continue the conversation is very frustrating. I'll be glad to talk, but I'm not going to keep replying if that's all you have to offer. It's a waste of my time, and it's fairly annoying to boot. Thank you. :>

Addendum: F-List can be found at -

"You dig in your eye socket. The pain is intense, incredible, and you are suddenly overwhelmed by it. You fall to the ground, bleeding from your freshly opened socket. You have died."



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Hey everyone! So I just got this fancy little Weasyl thing (I keep typing Weasely totally out of reflex. Thanks Weasely! :| ) thanks to the lovely Caleb, so here I am!

I did a little bit of uploading this and that just for the sake of it, added a few folders for some models and tossed up some character pictures and porn and other fun stuff. I might trickle in some more stuff over time to avoid flooding and such, but yeah, not much more to say here, figured I'd just throw a journal entry in the mix, too!

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    wink wonk?

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    Iiiii fooooouuund yooooou

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    Lurkety lurk. And now I'm not sure if I have stalked you in FA yet. D: *off to right the possible wrong*

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    Contains bad-assery? Thanks for the warning!

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      It's only fair to let everyone know up front, just in case! Actually, Slug made the icon for me so I could slap it on my tattoo submission as an icon sorta smart-assly. We joked around about how badass we now were once we got tattoo'd. :D

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        Thats very kind of you!! Too much badass can be blinding. xD Oooh did you guys get matching tattoos?

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