LFN's 2017 Commission Sheet by LoserFromNowhere

LFN's 2017 Commission Sheet


11 August 2017 at 21:02:12 MDT


-i ONLY accept PayPal as a payment option

-You MUST pay FULL price UPFRONT BEFORE i begin your commission, if you dont i will NOT start it.

-please keep in mind i do have a life outside of Weasyl so i might not reply immediately.

-i will keep you updated on the process with sketches, previews, or reminders on what im working on at the moment.

-if i do not complete the artwork in 2 months from the date the commission was ordered, i will refund you completely.

-if you are ordering a commission as a gift fr someone PLEASE order it at least a whole month in advance, dont order it at the very last minute because i will NOT accept the commission. i dont like working under pressure.

-please try to be patient with me, while i do tend to finish these rather quickly, there may be a time where something may happen and prevents me from completing it.

-i have EVERY SINGLE RIGHT to reject your order if i wish to.

-i can do BOTH SFW and NSFW artwork but P L E A S E ask BEFORE ordering!! i am picky when it comes to NSFW artwork and certain fetishes!! so PLEASE ask FIRST!

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