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Zero Gravity Ballet Inks by LorienInksong

Zero Gravity Ballet Inks


1 October 2014 at 18:06:24 MDT

Inks for the what will be the first complete picture of Tip'ti, a disabled young Lakayan woman. Those 'robot legs' are actually an extremely advanced exoskeleton system that allows her to walk. Unfortunately its not perfect, so Tip'ti has had to give up her dreams of becoming a professional dancer after an accident. She's since moved on to become a robotics engineer (along with a laundry list of other skills) but sometimes in low gravity environments will take a moment to dance like she used to.

Colors soon!

Tip'ti, the Lakayah, and the art belong to me.
Do not repost without my permission.

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    This is lovely... I actually like the limited colors, they complement each other well! ^_^ Sad, though, that this poor lady had to give up on her dreams. :(

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      Yeah, Tip'ti has mostly gotten over it but on occasion she's still a bit sad about it. Most of the time she's pretty happy with the new direction in her life.
      Anyhow glad you like it, thanks for saying so! :)

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    Yet another piece of work I adore. The zero gravity effect looks great.

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      Thank you. I think watching Planetes was helpful.

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    I love the gentle movement and feeling of weightlessness you captured in your drawing. :)

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      ^_^ Thanks! I'm glad I got it across. Like I said to Deathstroke50 honestly I think watching Planetes really helped cement what that ought to look like in my mind.