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Sketch Dump XVI by LorienInksong

Sketch Dump XVI


Its been a while so here are some more sketches!
From left to right, top to bottom.
1. 'A Tender Moment'- Redraw of an older sketch featuring Rinya in a nice dress having a happy moment with her spider buddies. May need more spiders, but I'm very happy with the improvements compared to the original.
2. 'Zero Gravity Ballet'- Tentative design for my Lakayah character, Tip'ti. (The Lakayah are a race of cheetah anthros, and I'll be writing some blurbs about them soon.) Tip'ti wanted to become a professional dancer as a child, but sadly a serious accident left her unable to use her legs without the aid of the exoskeleton system pictured. Her 'robot legs' are too clumsy for dancing under normal conditions, but sometimes when alone in a low gravity enviroment Tip'ti will dance like she used to. Currently she's a robotics expert/engineer type.
3. 'One Trick Pony'- A portrait of BoJack Horseman from the netflix series of that name. Really can't recommend it enough. The text you probably can't read is from BoJack's biography titled 'One Tricky Pony'.
4. (Haven't figured out a title yet)- A belated birthday gift for my good friend deviantART-bobbobbbbob of his character Kalanaxle (the dark elf on the right) and his friend's character Ozzy (the catfolk on the left) sharing a quiet moment. Awwww.

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    So much wonderful art! ^_^

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    I love your sketch work. It's always awesome to see your work go from sketch to inks to colors. Thanks for the previews; I'm looking forward to watching your progress on these.

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      Happy to share! Gotta post something. XD