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Sparklegem Art Card by LorienInksong

Sparklegem Art Card


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Tools: Wacom Tablet, PaintTool SAI, Copic Markers

Fewer scanner issues thankfully. So here's Sparklegem, and by know you know the drill. So here's her bio:

Name: Sparklegem Rockhammer

Setting: Faerun (DnD Setting)

Species/Race: Gnome

Age: 47 (Adult)

Gender: Woman

Orientation: Heterosexual

Profession: Stonemason, wizardry on the side.

Residence: Iron Hall

Character Theme: Here Comes the Sun

Sparklegem is an optimistic, out-going, and hard-working young woman. She’s confident in her abilities, both with stone and magic, and being quite gregarious cooperates well with others. When pushed to her limits, by nonsense or actions she feels immoral, Sparklegem is quick to speak up and put her foot down. Otherwise she tends to be far more patient and nuturing, if a bit overbearing.

Orphaned at an age too tender to leave her any memory of her parents Sparklegem was raised in an orphanage tucked into Iron Hall, a dwarven stronghold. While treated fairly she always struggled with being the only non-dwarf around. In spite of this she flourished, and became an active trainee of the local stone masons’ guild in addition to studying wizardry under Duchess Ma'kristo Ironmaul. It was through the former that she met Brom Rockhammer, while evaluating a project involving his family home. Sparklegem was quickly smitten with the stoic but handsome young dwarf, who returned her feelings in kind. After a whirlwind romance the two wed, without the approval of his family. Needless to say they weren’t convinced Sparklegem was a suitable match for their son, and thus not long after their marriage she set out to prove herself.

As their marriage would suggest Sparklegem and Brom are quite smitten with each other, but his family is less than pleased. Otherwise she is on good terms with her peers and superiors in the Stonemasonry guild, as well as Duchess Ma'kristo Ironmaul.

Skills and Abilities:
Handy with her sizable hammer Sparklegem possesses a fair amount of strength from her years of experience with working stone. She has the mind of an engineer and a quick wit, which is a potent combination when her wizardry is involved.

Additionally she’s able to utilize the ‘Mom voice’ quite well when sufficiently annoyed or upset with someone.

Sparklegem values unity, good architecture, and advancements both in her field as well as social progress. Really she just wants everyone to be happy, work well together, and enjoy a nice round of ales at the end of the day. She also loves children and has a huge soft spot for them.

Attempts at manipulating or conning others, poor construction, and general cruelty all cause Sparklegem’s hand to itch for her hammer. She also doesn’t care much for yappy dogs and rainy days.

Other Information:
-What Sparklegem wants most is to someday be a mother. Unfortunately with her marriage to Brom she won’t be able to have children of her own, and hopes to adopt some.

-Sparklegem is from a 5th edition DnD campaign that has ended. This profile represents her at the beginning of her adventures. There may be another one for 'post campaign’ Sparklegem in the future.

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Art and character © Lorien077
Do not repost on any website without my written permission.

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