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Jin Art Card by LorienInksong

Jin Art Card


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Tools: Wacom Tablet, PaintTool SAI

Scanner had a lot of trouble with this one, so between that and a marker dying halfway through I’m relieved to actually get this character art card for Jin done.

Who is this boob-monster? You can read about her right here:

Name: Jin

Setting: Gaia (original DnD setting)

Species/Race: Ifrit (human with fire elemental influence) with a chaos dragon bloodline

Age: 31

Gender: Woman

Orientation: Aromantic Asexual

Profession: Wanderer, Sorceress

Residence: N/A

Character Theme: Watashi no Tamagoyaki


Jin is energetic, well meaning, and possibly completely mad. She lives for adventure, friendship, and food with an occasional side of chaos. In conversation she tends to go off on strange tangents, and has what can only be deemed creative problem solving skills. However Jin is much smarter than she lets on, and quite capable of impromptu scheming. She also is very emotional, and tends to wear her rapidly changing emotions on her sleeves, so to speak.
Its also worth noting that Jin is quite confident, both in general and with her physical form. She finds the reactions others tend to have to the latter more amusing than anything else.

Having never known her parents Jin was raised by a rather down on his luck human miner. He had a drinking problem, from which Jin got her name, mispelling aside. Unsurprisingly enough as she grew older the veritable storm of chaos she tended to create became too much for her surrogate father to handle, leading her to leave home as a pre-teen.
Shortly after this her sorcerous powers blossomed and Jin wandered away from the little mining town. From there she occasionally got mixed up in various adventures and shenanegins. Despite her vagrant lifestyle she’s done alright, but still struggles with poverty.

A handful of friends scattered around Gaia, be they other adventuring types or residents of the various towns and cities she visits.

Skills and Abilities:
While hardly the most potent mage of Gaia Jin’s sorcerous abilities are certainly noteworthy. She has a particular gift for lobbing conjured fire. Additionally she improvises quite well, and has a handful of useful traits due to her odd bloodline. For example her spit is exceptionally acidic, and when sufficiently upset she can spit a goopy ball of acid at a foe, rather like an ill tempered llama.

Her vagrant lifestyle has also taught her a handful of practical skills; Jin is a passable cook, tends to have a decent read on people, and is generally more canny than she lets on.

Successful adventures and helping others makes Jin very happy, as does a nice big plate of food or a new friend. She also enjoys festivals and parties when the occasion arises.

Jin dislikes constricting attitudes and clothing; the former makes her feel emotionally stifled and the later causes a more literal discomfort. She tends to feel warm most of the time and can overheat easily due to her unusual biology.

Other Information:
-Though not pictured Jin has a long skinny tail that emits blue/purple flames. Flames that don’t produce much in the way of heat, but cause a tingling sensation when touched.

-Due to her orientation Jin is widely oblivious to romance, and has never had an interest in it.

-For her age Jin looks and acts quite youthful, and she will live a fair bit longer than a pure-blooded human. Provided her reckless schemes don’t end her first.

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Art and character © Lorien077
Do not repost on any website without my written permission.

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