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[Ref Sht: Clothed] Reiyna Yskano by Lorena

[Ref Sht: Clothed] Reiyna Yskano


New and Improved personal art Reference sheet of my character Reiyna Yskano.
She was created by hex originally, for a second life character. I like her more as an art character though, and I thought she needed a bit of an update as such.

I was tired of trying to color drop from old art of her for the commissions she's in. As such this lit a fire under my ass and inspired me to draw more for me. I had a lot of fun on her ref, and I want to make new refs for all of my old characters that I'm keeping. This base is fun to use.

As I still owe art to people on commission I wanted it to be something fast that I didn't need to think a whole lot about, therefore - I used a base I purchased to create it with. I'll probably toss this image over on twitter too, linking back to the FA versions, but character limitations are never fun.

So for all the specific details:

Character Concept: cyiakanami on
Original pose base: lockworkorange on
Clothing/background/hair/tail/colors/line edits etc: Lorena/ me.

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