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5 July 2014 at 09:07:23 MDT

Grandpa passed away this morning. Fitting he should go on July 4th, he always was quite patriotic. 85 years old, cancer survivor many times over, Navy vet (served in the Korean War) and worked at a VA hospital for many years as a cook. I'd been living with him for about two years since he needed help around the house and all, and he and I had been very close ever since I was a baby.
He's got a tropical storm named after him (everyone was getting a kick out of the fact that "Tropical Storm Arthur" was a thing), pretty appropriate since he was always one to cause trouble and give people a hard time. There's a reason all the waiters at his favorite restaurant knew him and called him "trouble".

The past couple weeks have been rough, he had a fall which put him in the hospital, and his health deteriorated quickly. He spent the last week at home with hospice care, it was good that he got a chance to see most of the relatives one last time. Needless to say, that put a serious damper on my free time and creativity.
I finally got some alone time and managed to get some drawing done for the first time in nearly two weeks.

Can't be assed with titles right now.
Skunk Boy just because.
Rambling description because I need to.
This is more of a "vent art" than a tribute piece. Vent art isn't really my thing though and this barely scratches the surface.
Can't promise my activity will return to previous levels but I'll try. I'll need something to keep me busy now that gramps isn't here.

My apologies for slow or awkward responses to comments and things. I appreciate everyone's support and taking the time to leave a comment or check on me, I truly do. No matter how many times I go through this sort of thing I just never know how to respond properly.

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    im sorry to hear that

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    My sympathies. Your world goes out of joint when you lose someone close to you. Take good care of yourself!