Skunk Boy (2013) by LordDominic

Skunk Boy (2013)


19 January 2014 at 13:07:09 MST

Another one of my favorites from 2013.

Meet Skunk Boy. In a world dominated by fursonas designed to be totally perfect for everything the artists want to do with them, there is something really refreshing about a more honest (and slightly self-parodying) character design. I decided I wanted a bit more of an honest self-insert author avatar self-portrait thing.
Why a skunk? I always kinda figured they were socially awkward, and that suits me pretty well. I also like big, floofy tails for some reason. And yes, it's costume pieces, I just think it's funny how obvious it is, given how his skunk ears are on a headband and his snout has very visible straps to hold it on his face.

I'm just a normal guy that has fun drawing and likes cartoons. And it seems like a lot of the cartoonists that have a self-insert character don't make it the main character, or even all that cool. In fact, they usually wind up as the butt of many jokes and getting totally owned by their other characters!
You gotta be able to laugh at yourself a bit.

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