Maybe It's Karma by LordDominic

Maybe It's Karma


19 January 2014 at 12:22:46 MST

This one's pretty typical of the cartoon silliness I like to draw.

One of my old, forgotten characters I rarely drew. Willard is a used car salesman, a bit of a cheapskate and sleazebag that sells old beater cars out of a nondescript lot somewhere in town.
One of his favorite tricks is hastily gluing the cars back together when their parts inevitably fall off, and it looks like Willard's pants are holding together about as well as the vehicles. Maybe it's karma finally catching up to him.

I'm sort of liking the idea of his clothes being a sort of "karma" thing, that sometimes when parts fall off the car he is trying to sell, his clothes might fall apart too. Like this bit with the bumper. Maybe if multiple parts fall off a car when a customer kicks the tires, his pants will fall to his ankles. Or maybe his shoe will fall apart if a tire goes flat. It would be like the universe punishing him for selling subpar vehicles.

When I originally designed him, he was meant to be a badger but I had no idea how to draw a badger, so I sort of winged it with random facial markings. Here, I made them look a bit more correct, but I wanted to sort of keep with his original design as well.

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