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Skunkdog Mood by LordDominic

Skunkdog Mood


5 September 2021 at 18:01:38 MDT

Just how it be as of late.

Actually really happy with how it came out though, even if it's based on IRL bad moods.

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    I can see why your pleased with this, one of the best of Skunkdog in beast mode. When I saw the thumb nail I thought mood was going to be in the sense of mood music but this is clearly depression - the big black dog - and you have captured it oh so well, the whole body is closed in, the senses shut down and focused on that bit of the mind behind the eyes. I'd call this the wishing for numbness phase. A very powerful piece of art that would make it into my all time favorites file except I'm not going to look at it too often, sometimes I go to that file to avoid exactly this.

    ps: In this instance the eyebrows are perfect!

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      Thank you very much! Things have been kinda rough lately, and I have been neglecting my online presence again...

      Much like you and your favorites, I try to avoid drawing too much "moody" art for the exact same reason--art is supposed to be my escape, my distraction from this exact sort of thing. That's why I try to keep things cheery and silly for the most part, but sometimes it's oddly cathartic to draw moody things.

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    Sorry to hear you have been having a hard time, it was quite obvious in this picture, you couldn't draw that emotion without knowing it deeply.I'm starting to think there is a similarity between artists and actors.... I can hear a very sarcastic (worst teacher ever to five year old) voice in my head saying "Really and do you think that's insightful" OK so I have just noticed something that's crushingly obvious.

    This morning I found an essay on DA, I don't know if it will interest you

    You may well like the art that this person has posted, it's very different from your own but I think you will agree he has produced some nice pieces. Unfortunately he's another who's pretty much left the site.

    I have been thinking about your suggestion that I should draw, not much progress yet as I haven't put much time into it - life gets in the way but I'm getting a few ideas together but don't hold your breath on this.

    My minds all over the place today I seem to have the concentration span of a gnat so I will stop rambling and leave you in peace.