A Skunk Can't Change Its Stripes by LordDominic

A Skunk Can't Change Its Stripes


14 September 2020 at 16:01:11 MDT

A redraw of one of my favorite drawings of the Great Horned Skunkdog from 2018.

Whether in his Skunk Boy or Skunk Dog form, Dominic Mephitto is still a lovable mephitine moron...

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    Favorited as much for the art as for continuing my education - mephitine what a fantastic word, next time my kids call me an old fart I have a response!

    I have been trying to get the word crastin back into the English language, meaning the day after tomorrow it only survives in procrastination as a sort of manana plus, I had some of my Japanese colleagues using it for a while.

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      Good to see some activity on this site, and that you're still around!

      Glad you like this one! He might be a dopey skunk but at least he's educational! Honestly there's not as much interest in this "cartoon animal in diaper" stuff on here as the other sites I use, and interest on DeviantArt has really fallen off too, might be time to find something new to draw instead. Which is fine, honestly, a lot of the usual fare has gotten a bit stale from overuse.

      "Crastin" though, that's a new one... most of the technobabble I know is reserved for animals--I broke my roommate's brain by telling him the technical term for raccoons is "procyonidae". Should have seen him trying to pronounce that one! I should have had paramedics on standby...

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        I'm still around, I've been a little busy on a friends farm that I have a small stake in, building a workshop and some sheds, field shelters etc, plus all the usual fencing. I have too many projects on the go at home rebuilding a bathroom and my workshop after employing an incompetent builder who ran off saying I've got no money so don't bother suing me. (massive rant omitted as no one needs to hear it)

        If you change your subject, and I sort of hope you will keep drawing some of these delightful dudes don't change the style or humor - I still have the occasional chuckle about the deer with the target underpants and as for plunder me booty I'm a grown man so anybody who thinks they hear me sniggering must be mistaken.

        I'm fighting a lost cause with crastin it went out of usage in the 1500s I think. Your room mate gets no sympathy from me although one or two of my victims would probably be on his side. One of my favorites is occipital condyles, data from a moment transducer in the dummies I used to work with had to be corrected to this point but if you ever think our language can be torturous imagine the Japanese kangi for this

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          That's fine! I've noticed this site's gotten even more quiet lately, though, but I'm still using it because I like it.
          Sounds like you've been pretty busy too, meanwhile I'm an "essential worker" on the front lines, working fast food.

          I don't think I'll be abandoning anthro art entirely--I'm just noticing some of the things I do have gotten kind of stale, while others don't quite have the audience they used to--over on DeviantArt it seems people like when I post spaceships and robots now, or at least that's what the algorithm pushes now, while anything "anthro" seems to get lost in the algorithm, interest in diapers and underwear has fallen off a cliff, and I've had a couple of people tell me that they're bored of seeing butts every other day but they really like the robots, vehicles, and aliens.
          Fur Affinity, on the other hand, ignores anything that's not fetish art it seems. And then there's Weasyl, that seems to have no interest in any of the more "fetish" type things I draw.
          Tl;dr I'm not going to bother trying to pander to people anymore and I'm done forcing myself to draw to have daily content--if I wanna draw goofy fat skunk monsters wearing diapers I'll do that, but if I want to draw spaceships or weasel goblins, that's what's happening.

          I've got so much stuff ready to post, I don't even know if I'll get around to having any Halloween art to post this year! Most people don't even know when I have a burnout so bad I do nothing for a week because when I'm productive and/or having fun, I can get a lot of art done, and pretty much every piece of art I post was drawn at least a month before it sees the internet. So even if I don't maintain my same level of productivity, people won't notice right away.

          You may be fighting a losing battle with a word that's over 500 years old, but if you can get enough people using it, it might make a comeback--language is weird like that. Messing with non-native speakers, though... I have a newfound sympathy for that, one of the new coworkers is multilingual and speaks some Portuguese, and I used the handful of Portuguese words I learned from a Brazilian internet friend several years back. Turns out he may have been messing with me, or taught me regional dialect/slang words, or my accent is just that bad when I try to use them!
          I am trying to learn a bit of Spanish from the coworker though, which is kinda cool.