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Bellatrix by LordDominic



Bellatrix, the heroic Jeroban.

Growing up in a small hut in a small village outside one of the massive supercities of Danajarba (or, as it's also known to offworlders especially after the formation of the Cygnian Federation, Cygnus Prime), Bellatrix is no stranger to fighting for survival. Venturing out into the desert to forage for food and other useful materials, she always kept her eyes and ears open and her weapon at the ready, the threat of ambush by dangerous desert creatures or hostile desert dwellers or desperate fugitives hiding in the wastes a constant threat. Despite just barely being considered an adult currently, she spent the past couple years living alone after her mother disappeared during a visit to the massive metropolis looming in the distance, and had experienced some run-ins with the criminal element and the roaming bandits in the past, but had always managed to come out victorious thanks to her mother's training and her own diligent practice and sharp wits.

Bellatrix's armor is actually quite old, something that's been handed down through her family for a few generations at least. The gems on her sword and collar actually produce a weak energy field that acts as a minor deflector shield and protecting her a bit better than the armor could alone. Her sword can also be used to deflect blaster bolts, a skill she's actually taken the time to develop, although she's not able to keep up with rapid-fire weapons she is able to defend herself against the typical Cygnian Pulse Pistol and the old, worn-out blasters the bandits sometimes carried fairly well.
This armor set-up is designed to maximize agility while protecting vital areas, a common trait of Jeroban armor design, hence why it's not full plate.

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