Markeb by LordDominic



10 June 2020 at 08:05:06 MDT

2019 art, as an attempt to break that serious art block and lack of motivation, I decided to design a new Cygnian Longtail (the species is now properly known as a "Jeroban"), the same race as Deneb, Rigel and Bellatrix.

His name is Markeb, and he seems very eager to be your new cell mate...

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    Nice "undies"!

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      Glad you like them, they're the latest fashion in space jail!
      In fact, they may be the only fashion... but at least they match the shackles and collars!

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        That means, they only can wear those undies in jail?

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          That's their prison uniform--just enough to preserve some modesty, but not enough to really let them conceal any contraband, and they can't use excess fabric to make weapons or anything, and it means they're mostly exposed. That's an important aspect to keeping the prisoners under control because they'll feel naked and vulnerable, and because it might be a bit cold outside of their cells without anything to wear besides shiny undies and handcuffs.

          Their ways might seem strange, or even somewhat cruel by our standards, but they're alien space jerboas so they do some things a bit differently than we do here on Earth.

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            Interesting concept.

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              I have given way too much thought to "kinky space jerboa jail".